What is comparison between Vaping vs. Smoking THC?

THC is a chemical responsible for Marijuana’s effects on the mental state of a person. It brings out the ‘high’ that people keep talking about. Some ways of taking THC are vaping, smoking, and eating. There have been debates about Vaping vs. Smoking THC and below are some arguments. 


Any kind of smoke breathed damages someone’s body. When the smoke goes into the lungs, they are prone to damage, eg lung cancer. Due to the tar that comes from the smoke. There are also other negative health effects of smoking. This includes coughing, chronic bronchitis, a  weak immune system, a lot of mucus, and wheezing.

Knowing this, people continue to debate about Vaping vs. Smoking THC, and most support vaping because there is no inhalation of smoke. Vaping is the inhalation of heated oil. It hasn’t been studied well because it is new but it is said to also have effects on the lungs and most likely the heart. Even so, there are effects that people may not know.

It is better to deal with smoking, whose effects are well known so that you can get ready for whatever is coming your way, than vaping whose effects may be unknown. 


Which between Vaping vs. Smoking THC is more effective. Through research, vaping is much stronger and more effective than smoking. first-time users of smoking THC will experience intense reactions through vaping in comparison to smoking. So if one is looking for something of instant effectiveness, they should probably go for vaping. 


People compare Vaping vs. Smoking THC and claim that vaping is not addictive. That is wrong. They may be different ways of taking marijuana but they both have one thing in common; nicotine. Nicotine is what makes people addicted, so a person using vaping is just as prone to addiction as the one using smoking. Vaping may be more addictive because you can control the voltage of the vaporizing device, that’s to say increasing it to the desired quantity. 

Pronounced flavor

Smoking does not have pronounced flavors as vaping does. People take THC for different reasons, but most people prefer vaping because of the flavor it produces. The flavor may start diminishing when the session is about to end but it would have been interesting interacting with the flavors. Try it out and Get buzzed from Shiva online 

Vaping and smoking do not have a lot of differences but like said before people do take THC for different reasons. In this case, it depends on the user to decide what may be best. What they want to experience may help them choose between the two.