The Story Behind CBD for Horses

CBD for horses needs multiple trials with various types of CBD, such as oil or pellets, and measurements of the non-psychoactive substance’s physiological effects on the horse’s heart rate and cortisol levels.

Keep an eye on the horses after you give them CBD to determine whether or if it has an effect on any obsessive-compulsive behaviors, such as cribbing, that horses that spend time confined in stalls or trailers tend to exhibit (when a horse bites on a fence or gate).

Many horse owners are interested in adopting CBD products to help their horses cope with stress, inflammation, and cushing.

An overview of the above mentioned effects; 

  1. Inflammation 

Sometimes pain can’t be noticed, not unless you are a pet lover. Inflammation is a common health problem for animals which at times one may choose to ignore. 

CBD for horses tends to have CBD oil which is capable of dealing with problems with the nervous system, which in this case helps to subsidize the pain.

  1. Cushing 

This is a chronic progressive disease of the intermediate pituitary gland of older horses. Your horse will stop producing hormones that assist in its brain’s day-to-day functioning if it has this disease; nevertheless, the usage of CBD oil can dramatically lower the severity of the symptoms your horse is experiencing, making the horse more manageable.

Side effects 

CBD for horses has a favorable safety profile. If overdosed, it can have some mild effects. 

If your animal experiences any of these effects such as fatigue, diarhea or decreased blood pressure, you can cut back on the dosage. 

Bottom line

All animals deserve healthcare and proper management so as to keep them stress free and also be able to cater for all the services required.In this context, horses need special care and attention.  The use of CBD for horses will improve not only the performance of the horse but also help improve health. I hope that the information in this article helped you gather knowledge on CBD for horses. I also hope that you attained a worthwhile reading experience.

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